United in Compassion: Lions Club, Shepherd of Egypt, and Oz Arab Media Forge a Charitable Alliance for Upcoming Gala

In the November general meeting, the Lions Club of Canterbury Bankstown solidified its support for the Shepherd of Egypt charitable organization, aligning its charity endeavors with Oz Arab Media’s upcoming gala dinner slated for May 2024. This initiative will see the organization orchestrating raffles and auctions, dedicating all the proceeds to Shepherd of Egypt. This collaboration underscores the shared values of charity and community engagement among the organizations, a sentiment echoed in a detailed presentation by Ms. Viviane Awad, the Fundraising & Partnerships Manager for the Shepherd of Egypt at the Bankstown RSL.

Nestled in a vibrant and culturally diverse locale, the Lions Club of Canterbury Bankstown epitomizes the harmonious blend of various ethnicities and faiths. Its roots trace back to the 1950s, establishing a legacy of community service. In recent times, the club has gained recognition for its humanitarian outreach, notably its collaboration with One Meal to address food insecurity, shedding light on the daily struggles of over 2 million Australians facing hunger. At this year’s inaugural Oz Arab Media gala dinner, the club successfully raised around $6,000, directed towards aiding the refugees of the Myanmar crisis, a contribution channelled at the request of Mrs. Sophia Sarkis, the crowned Mrs. Universe Australia Charity Queen of 2022.

Conversely, the Shepherd of Egypt (SoE) stands with a pivotal goal of uplifting the living conditions of Egypt’s most disadvantaged populace, extending indispensable aid and fostering a pathway to an improved quality of life. The organization’s impactful endeavors span across health, institutional development, and logistics, bringing about a significant positive change in the lives of over 30 million individuals embroiled in poverty.

Oz Arab Media, serving as the bridge for this collaborative humanitarian endeavor, is gearing up for its second gala dinner, building on the triumph of its inaugural event on May 19, 2023. The premier gala, hosted at the plush Doltone House in Bossley Park, was a grand celebration of community excellence and engagement, drawing over 550 attendees including emissaries for both Prime Minister Albanese and Premier Chris Minns, alongside a diverse cohort of businessmen and dignitaries from various sectors and organizations. This year’s spotlight is on the joint venture between the Lions Club and Shepherd of Egypt, magnifying the essence of empathy and proactive support for the underprivileged.

This alliance is set to cast ripples of benevolence far beyond geographical and cultural confines, crafting a narrative of hope and proactive involvement that may ignite a spark of inspiration for other communities to follow suit.