Community Spirit Shines at ‘Carols in the Park’ Fundraiser

As members of the Lions Club of Canterbury Bankstown, we are proud to share the success of the recent ‘Carols in the Park’ event, held in collaboration with the council of the city of Canterbury Bankstown on Saturday, December 2, at Wiley Park Amphitheatre. This festive gathering was not only a celebration of community spirit but also a successful fundraising effort, with over $2,000 raised for various charity and service activities.

We were thrilled to see the community come together at Wiley Park Amphitheatre, with an attendance of over 3,000 people. Our club’s dedication to service was on full display as we took on the central role in organizing the barbecue for this special event, where we served close to 1,000 people from 4 PM to 8 PM. Our menu was a reflection of our community’s diverse cultural heritage, featuring sausage sizzles, steak sandwiches, tabbouli, a variety of drinks, and traditional Christmas cakes. We were delighted to see the joy and satisfaction on the faces of those who joined us, as they enjoyed the array of culinary offerings.

It was heartening to see around 10 of our Lions Club volunteers, along with their families, actively participating and contributing to the success of the event. Their hard work and dedication were key in managing the large turnout and ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience for everyone.

Despite our careful planning and excitement, we faced an unexpected challenge towards the end of the event. A thunderstorm, accompanied by heavy rainfall, forced us to close the event earlier than planned, at 8:30 PM. Although this was a setback, the spirit of togetherness and the support from the community remained strong.

Looking back, the ‘Carols in the Park’ event at Wiley Park Amphitheatre was not just a fundraising success; it was a testament to the strength and unity of our community. It showcased the impact of working together and the difference we can make in our society. As members of the Lions Club of Canterbury Bankstown, we are grateful for the overwhelming support and are inspired to continue our service to the community.