A Night of Honor and Unity: Welcoming District Governor Paul McInness to Our Club

In the cozy confines of the Bankstown RSL, we, the Lions Club of Canterbury Bankstown, were thrilled to host a special gathering that was not only a celebration of our ongoing efforts but also a symbol of unity among the Lions Clubs across the region. On the 4th of October 2023, we were honored to welcome District Governor Paul McInness, a stalwart in the Lions community, whose presence illuminated our event with wisdom and camaraderie.

The evening was not solely ours; it was a collective affair, enriched by the presence of more than 30 Lions and friends, including esteemed presidents and members from the Sydney Autism Community Lions Club and the Burwood-Strathfield Lions Club. We were also delighted to have Guiding Lion Graham Estreich of the Lions Club of Parramatta among us, whose presence always brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to our gatherings.

As District Governor Paul McInness took the stage, we listened with rapt attention to his words of praise and guidance. His acknowledgment of our efforts was not only heartening but also a reaffirmation of our commitment to serving the community. His insights into the challenges faced by other clubs and the advice he shared were not just enlightening but also served as a roadmap to navigate potential pitfalls in our future endeavors.

We were also privileged to have Deputy Mayor Rachelle Harika with us, whose words of appreciation for our club and the Lions, in general, were truly motivating. Her acknowledgment of our tireless efforts underscored the importance of our work and further strengthened the bond between our club and the local government.

The presence of David and Dominic Eid from Reknighted was a testament to the synergy that exists between service organizations and local businesses. Their attendance highlighted the collaborative spirit that permeates our community, reminding us that when different sectors come together, our ability to serve the community is amplified.

One of the most heartwarming moments of the evening was the induction of four new members into our club. We were thrilled to welcome Sonia, Marina, Jimmy, and Dolly, whose enthusiasm and commitment to service mirror our own. Their induction by DG Paul McInness was not only a significant milestone for them but also a moment of pride for all of us at the Lions Club of Canterbury Bankstown.

Reflecting on the evening, we are reminded that while our club is a local entity, we are part of a global network of Lions Clubs, all united by a shared commitment to service and community development. The guidance from seasoned leaders like District Governor Paul McInness and the support from fellow Lions Clubs and our local community continue to inspire us to serve with unwavering dedication.

In a world that is often beset by challenges, we, the Lions Club of Canterbury Bankstown, remain steadfast in our mission, continually inspired by the unity and collective action demonstrated by Lions across the world. Our roar—echoing with service, fellowship, and a commitment to positive impact—will continue to resonate in our community, as we forge ahead, hand in hand with our fellow Lions and our supportive community.